3 Life Enhancing Characteristics to Celebrate in 2019.

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3 Life Enhancing Characteristics to Celebrate in 2019.

Do we give enough focus to what is going well for us? I know from life and the professional experience of coaching that striving from a place of discontent, for the next big prize, can be self-destructive if not balanced by self-acceptance, strengths awareness, and gratitude.
I recently discovered that January is designated #CelebrationofLifeMonth and perhaps what we could focus on more in January is a celebration of our achievements, moving from this to setting fresh aspirations. Why? Because striving is often driven by discontent, dis-ease with something that we are not happy with, but resilience is founded on a sense of security in our own agency and effectiveness-i.e. on stories of past successes. So, telling ourselves what is good, what is working is as important as working out what we can do the make things better. The one supports and is supported by the other. #CelebrationofLifeMonth.

1. Celebrate the concept of BECOMING.
I have decided to replace one overwhelming new year’s resolution a daily intention that will take me one step at a time, one day at a time toward my strategic goals. While a new year does usher in new beginnings there is also continuity. We are not born afresh every first of January. We are building on our past achievements, reaching the end of one phase of development, coming up against our own limitations, and transcending them. Transcendence – ‘to climb beyond’. Sounds good to me. This approach is more in line with seeing our journey as a continuous state of ‘Becoming’ – I will celebrate this enduring feature of my mindset. Will it guide your mindset this year

2. Celebrate MINDFUL SELF-LEADERSHIP as a growth mindset characteristic.
Lack of Commitment and Follow Through are what often sabotage our attempts to change. Particularly when the initial enthusiasm encounters difficulty and challenge.
I am by nature an introvert who in my teens pushed myself into drama classes which forced me to develop the life skills that would help me to live outside of my own little bubble. This decision ultimately led me into teaching and now coaching where the ability to connect and interact is core.
But I still I have to overcome that initial hard lump of fear and arrogance, fear of rejection and arrogance in my sense of self-sufficiency, that would keep me isolated if I let it.

So I have learned to pay mindful attention to the rising of emotions that trigger avoidant behaviour in me and consciously reaffirm my commitment to the change I intend to execute by choosing to let the emotion pass so that it does not drive my behaviour. It is a daily task. Not a one-off promise to myself.

What automatic, learned behaviours have you triumphed against in 2018? How can you build on this in 2019?

3. Celebrate the 3 Cs, courage, compromise and compassion, in decision making.
Well, one just cannot avoid the mind being drawn to the #Brexit uncertainties. What leadership lessons can be drawn from the current state of the nation and how problem-solving, and decision making has been handled? My take on this is that true leadership would focus on the long-term interests of the nation, its most vulnerable members and future generations, rather than on the narrow short-term interests of the those in power- on every side of the political spectrum. This, of course, would require courage, compromise, and compassion needed to listen and attend to what is being said, even when you disagree. I want to celebrate those characteristics.

What opportunities have you had to celebrate these characteristics in yourself? How will they guide you in 2019?