Team Coaching Case Study

“Time And Tide Wait For No Man.”

Team Coaching with Rushcliffe School SLT

Being the lead school in the Trent Academies Group is both a privilege and a challenge for Rushcliffe School. The leadership team is a finite resource but the demands on its time are seemingly infinite. Sustaining outstanding requires a constant search for continuous improvement and investment in the team responsible for driving this process.

The head teacher of Rushcliffe, Steve Lewis, feeling the need to invest in himself and his team, initiated some Executive Team Coaching with a focus on Resilience and Capacity Building. The process has led to the team shifting their attention from being mainly task driven to taking more time to explore core purpose in relation to new and emerging personal, professional and organisational needs. Succession planning across the school has also moved up their agenda as they look for capacity building solutions.

Capacity Building Discussion:

What can we Do more of... Stop Doing... Start Doing...?

The following are direct quotes from the written feedback provided by the participants as they reflect on what they have gained from the combination if one to one and team coaching sessions:

Team Coaching Goal:

Developing Leadership Capacity to Ensure Continued Improvement in Ever Changing Circumstances.

Feedback questions and responses:

Q1. What difference has the team coaching made?

“Clarity of process. Having someone who is aware of our roles and responsibilities but does not have all the baggage enables a new set of eyes to observe things that may well be obscured from the team itself.”

“Open discussion-understanding each other precisely and feeling valued as a team.
Practice- “re-engaging” in what is the core purpose of my role, team roles, school’s next stage.
Creating a common understanding within the team of the school’s next stage of development.”

“Focus on the team rather than the organisation, given a stimulus to think about self-development and development of the team in terms of sharpening our clarity of purpose and actions.”

“Enhanced understanding of the team dynamic. Focus on addressing team concerns. Feeling comfortable expressing personal/team worries.”

Discussing Team Strengths using Team Health Check Process

Q2. What do you want to hold on to as a way of working together that is new now that the team coaching is over?

“An ability to hold the team to account in terms of processes and relationships so that we do not take the team for granted, it needs to be nurtured.”

“Make sure we continue to embed things we have said we need to do. Create an action plan with time frame. In other words, start succession planning for next leaders.”

“Openness and making time to develop the team (because that ultimately benefits the organisation).”

“Opportunities to discuss worries/concerns both personal and team related. Time to reflect on roles and myself as a leader.”

Beginnings of a team action plan!