Executive and Leadership Development Coaching

Leaders, where do you go to be nurtured and given the support you need to flourish?

Executives and leaders are subject to the constant pressure to produce results, drive change, innovate and give support to others. Very often this means that your needs are neglected. Depletion and burnout, poor decision making and career derailment can so easily be the result.

Our executive and leadership development coaching provides a safe confidential space for you to explore the vulnerabilities that come with the pressures and demands of leadership and the difficulties and challenges that come from seeking promotion or moving into a new post.


  • Coaching builds emotional intelligence, enhances self-knowledge and increases self-management.
  • Grow your self-belief and the confidence to face your difficulties by harnessing your strengths.
  • Coaching is highly personalised to you and our developmental needs.
  • Troubleshoot those self-limiting behaviours, beliefs and hidden assumptions.
  • Reconnect with your strengths.
  • Develop you unrealised strengths.
  • You are supported and held accountable for the aspirations and goals that you decide to reach for.
  • Explore and learn how to leverage complex system dynamics.
  • Learn how to harness your vision, to see the wood for the trees.

Invest in growing your leadership insight and impact:
  • 3 Sessions - Kickstart - £355
  • 6 SESSIONS - Kickstart, embed and sustain - £608

This service includes:

  • Personalised face to face or online sessions
  • Personalised programme developed out of session one
  • Activities between sessions
  • Leadership style assessments and feedback
  • Value-added email support in between sessions
  • Optional e.g. 360-degree feedback
  • Regular review and feedback to keep the coaching on track
  • High support and high challenge

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