N Grace, Independent Mid Wife, 2017.

As a coach, Charmaine is warm, perceptive and intelligent. Charmaine has a rare gift of listening and getting to the heart of an issue. The coaching has had an impact on my clarity in terms of the direction of my life. My expectations of what coaching would help me to achieve have been exceeded. I would recommend Charmaine. On a scale of 1-5, I give her 10!”

Life and Career Coaching
J Gershwin, Senior Leader, Birmingham, 2018.

I have worked with Charmaine for 2 years and have gained increased confidence in my ability as a leader. As a coach, Charmaine provides opportunities for deep reflection and learning. You focus on actions and can see the progress. She provided an individualised programme and has the ability to adapt the session as needed to get the maximum benefit out of it for me. I particularly found the use of video (for interview coaching) was powerful. I could see the change as we went through the day as well as feel it. Being able to see me and have the time to reflect on it with the support and challenge of Charmaine was transformative.
Leadership Development Coaching.
Senior Manager IT industry, Jordon, 2018.

Charmaine coaching style is direct and to the point. Her feedback was high quality and helpful, better than anything I have experienced in my career so far. Charmaine always took into consideration the big picture and helped me to make connections and see patterns. The whole process felt natural. I have gained in confidence and resilience, I feel that I am on the right pathway with a sense of direction and alignment. This was a good investment.
Jackie Carpenter, Assistant Director Strategy, Deventio Housing Trust, Derby, 2017.

I selected Charmaine to be my coach, as I liked the way she said things, and I thought she would challenge me, which was what I wanted. She has indeed challenged me, in an unfailingly positive way, demonstrating good insight and bringing into play thinking, theories, and ideas that I hadn't thought of. She suggested a 360-degree feedback exercise, which she conducted and analysed brilliantly well. As a result, I feel that I am more proactive at work, and have learned some great strategies and techniques to help me be more productive which will pay dividends in years to come.

Life Transition and Leadership Development Coaching
Steve Lewis, Headteacher, Rushcliffe School Trent Academies Trust, Nottinghamshire, 2017.

Working with Charmaine gave us renewed clarity. Having someone who is aware of our roles and responsibilities but does not have all the baggage enables a new set of eyes to observe things that may well be obscured from the team itself. The team coaching was a real insight and thought-provoking, thank you!

Leadership Team Coaching
Office Manager, Ellis Guildford School, August 2017.

The training went really well, I was so pleased that everyone engaged, this was all down to being made to feel relaxed. The session covered everything I needed it to, and for me, I feel it has given me the strength to be able to calmly remind the team of what we discussed in the training and put it into practice.

Team Resilience Training.
Sonia Long, Rose Associates, CEO, 2016.

One of the best sessions we've had. Our first masterclass yesterday evening was a session on 'Remaining hopeful/optimistic in challenging times'. I put a lot of hours into finding us the right 'expert' to run the session and I was very impressed! Charmaine Roche ran an excellent session and we all got something out of it. It was such an open, creative and thought-provoking 3 hours. A huge thank you to Charmaine and all the women who came and made it such an enjoyable experience.

Resilience Workshop
Teacher, Fernwood School, Nottingham, March 2016

My coaching relationship with Charmaine has been both a revelation and life-changing. She is professional, patient and caring, yet also direct. She has an uncanny ability to unpick my answers to her questions, and pinpoint what the actual issues are. She has had a very positive impact on the way I feel about myself and helped me to be able to ‘step outside’ myself and look at various situations critically. The various strategies she has suggested to me have been extremely helpful. Several months after starting sessions with Charmaine, I am now better able to prioritise my workload and stay calmer in stressful situations. Her effect on my life, both at work and at home, has been considerable and lasting. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Executive Life Coaching
S. Peel, Assistant Head Teacher, Rushcliffe School, October 2016.

The coaching relationship with Charmaine has helped me to develop a better understanding of the steps needed to lead on a whole school initiative. In the second session we looked at how we could enable all stakeholders to take some form of ownership of any change and in the third session we looked at a time frame for change and resourcing stakeholders.

The coaching experience had impact on my confidence and ability to lead on a whole school initiative. I feel that through these sessions I am better equipped with the some of the knowledge needed. The sessions have also highlighted that this is an area to be further developed through my master’s course.

I would recommend Charmaine because as a new member to the SLT, lacking valuable experience and knowledge to lead on a whole school initiative, I felt that the confidential support provided by Charmaine... was invaluable. I think that it would be useful for all new SLT members to be given some developmental coaching such as this.

Leadership Development Coaching.