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Leading Wellbeing: From Surviving to Flourishing.

This package is based on the evidence-based work of positive psychology and the proven techniques that support wellbeing and flourishing within society. Healthy environments and relationships are at the heart of the work we do.

This four-day consultancy package includes the following:
  • Wellbeing whole school questionnaire followed by analysis, action planning, service design and delivery based on areas identified from the questionnaire based on four-day consultancy package in the first instance to complete the process to produce an action plan.
  • Service design and delivery depend on the specific priorities selected by the client and will require additional days.
  • Staff and pupil versions of the questionnaire allow you to focus on the wellbeing of adults as well as the young people they serve.
  • Both adult and pupil’s versions focus on how leadership affects culture so at the heart of any actions that flow from this package is culture and behaviour change of leaders at all levels in the organisation including teachers as leaders of their classrooms.

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Wellbeing one to one coaching

Look after your staff, no matter what their role within your organisation, by providing access to a life coach. It is well established that those organisations that invest in staff wellbeing reap benefits in terms of improved recruitment and retention and overall performance and productivity.

The sessions will help your employees troubleshoot a range of life and work issues:
  • Work-life balance
  • Career 'stuckness '
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Transition into retirement
  • Relationships at work or in life
To name just a few.

Book Charmaine to be on site for between 3- 6 days throughout the year. Any member of staff can access the service which is fully confidential. The number of sessions each individual receives can be agreed as part of the contract.

Charmaine is a trained mental health first aider and can also help your organisation provide early intervention in the event that someone needs signposting to other medical or psychological support.

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Team Resilence Workshops and Team Coaching

Charmaine will design a bespoke workshop for you on the theme of resilience or wellbeing. target groups for the workshops can be Pupils, parents, staff, or governors. The workshops can be combined with team coaching.

Previous commissions include
  • Maintaining Excellence Under Pressure - Fernwood school Admin Team.
  • How to Remain Optimistic in Challenging Time- Rose Associates.
  • Building Team Resilience for Senior Leaders- Rushcliffe School (with team coaching).
  • Team Dynamics and Culture Change-IntuUniversity (team coaching workshop).

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Mindful Self-Leadership for Wellbeing & Resilience.

Originally designed for stressed education professionals this series is relevant to any professional group or workplace.

This is a workshop series that teaches stress management techniques based on a combination of mindfulness and positive psychology and life coaching techniques.
  • This technique help participants live life with more balance and perspectives
  • Manage emotions, stress, and anxiety more effectively
  • Manage high levels of negative self-talk and self-doubt
  • Learn how to say 'no' without damaging relationships
  • Improve sleep
  • Have better work-life balance

In short to live life more fully and with improved health and wellbeing. These are group sessions of 90 minutes and over time they can lead to dramatic changes where commitment is made applying small daily practices.

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