A Model for Wellbeing in Schools and Other Organisations

Excellence is the norm in organisations with the right emotional, psychological and physical climate. The prevention of stress and promotion of workplace wellbeing has become a high priority for good reasons.

The facts

  • The stress, anxiety and depression statistics for 2016 reveal that 0.5 million workers suffer from work-related stress, anxiety and depression.
  • 11.7 million working days are lost per annum
  • 5.2 billion is lost to the economy as a result.

In education, it is also contributing to high staff turnover and a recruitment and retention crisis of unprecedented proportions. The mental health of our young people is also being compromised and schools are being encouraged to look for solutions.

Are you looking for a robust, evidence-based approach to wellbeing and stress management in your organisation which will also improve the quality of leadership and management, teacher and pupil wellbeing and therefore performance and productivity?

With 29 years behind us of teaching and leading in education, we know from direct experience what the pressures for you
are like. Life across the education system reflects the challenges we all face as 21st-century humans. How do we maintain
meaning, purpose and a sense of wholeness while responding to the often dizzying swirl of change and uncertainty, and
the pressures of external performance imperatives that undermine effective leadership and wellbeing?

Mindful Self-Leadership provides evidence-based principles, strategies and tools to enhance or transform organisational
wellbeing. The link between wellbeing and sustainable improvement and innovation is strong. We will help you to
achieve the flow and balance you desire in line with your vision, values and core purpose.

Executive Coaching Consultancy for Organisational Wellbeing and Resilience

Create your own bespoke package by combining elements of our services to suit your needs and budget.

Whole-school, strategic wellbeing services:

  • Meeting with key stakeholders to agree on strategic aims, evaluation methods and link with whole school priorities and desired outcomes
  • Whole staff wellbeing measure to track impact of any of our coaching programmes or training events before and after delivery
  • Team resilience coaching combined with one-one coaching and team health check at entry and exit
  • Developing Leadership behaviours that promote well-being and high performance, 360-degree feedback for School Leaders
  • Training of in-house wellbeing coaches — staff, pupils and parents

Wellbeing cannot wait.

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Wellbeing Coaching Services

For Individuals, Teams or Groups
One-to-one Wellbeing Coaching for leaders, teachers and support staff - on site or remote subscription-based service
Group Coaching Workshops - on-site or online
Workshops for pupils and parents

Wellbeing Coaching and Consulting

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A Case Study-
Team coaching for increased resilience with Rushcliffe School SLT

Being the lead school in the Trent Academies Group is both a privilege and a challenge for Rushcliffe School. The leadership team is a finite resource but the demands on its time are seemingly infinite. Sustaining outstanding 0 Before and after team resilience health check requires a constant search for continuous improvement and questionnaire investment in the team responsible for driving this process.

An executive coaching package was made up for them consisting of:

  • Team health Check questionnaire (HCQ).
  • Three Hour workshop informed by HCQ results.
  • Three one-hour team coaching sessions with two one-to-one sessions for each member of the team in between team coaching.
  • Evaluation

Team wellbeing

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