Our Mission

To co-create social justice outcomes and sustainable solutions to the problems of human flourishing for individuals, organisations and wider society.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations committed to making a difference in a world struggling with some deep systemic challenges: racial injustice and social injustice, inequity and climate emergency. 

As a coach, supervisor, and trainer Charmaine is pioneering interventions informed by decoloniality as a systemic lens.

As a team coach Charmaine works systemically with the hidden dynamics that prevent intentions and goals for culture change being translated into positive results. 

Director, Lead Coach & Supervisor, Charmaine Roche

The Lifeflowbalance Philosophy

The Philosophy underpinning our work is captured in three words combined to form our company name: Lifeflowbalance.

Life: We work with the whole person, team or organisation at the level of  values, beliefs, ethics, historical, socio-economic, political and cultural context. We work with systemic issues that show up in our relationship to ourselves, others and wider society.  Life is complex, subject to constant change, tensions and stresses, joys, and triumphs. Coaching captures it all. We are trauma informed in our approach to the ways in which historical injustices show up in life and organisations. Healing and compassion is a core value in our work.

Flow: many relationship and change processes today are stuck in binary oppositions that put us on one side or other of the barricades. Identity politics and culture wars get us stuck.  By working from deep compassion toward our common humanity and a disruptive ethical attention to respecting difference we create spaces for emergence, possibility and creativity to flow.  

Balance: There is no freedom without boundaries.  Boundaries that support social justice practices boundaries require critical consciousness and awareness of power dynamics and pro-liberation ethics.  Our approach is oriented to this imperative, creating a balance of power and exchange in the spaces we convene. 

Coaching Philosophy, Approaches and Psychological Underpinning

  • Philosophically we take a social justice orientation to our work informed by the theory and ways of being known as Decoloniality. This means that we openly acknowledge the historical legacies of oppressions upon which our modern ways of living and relating are based.
  • We address issues of power and domination in personal, organisational and social relationships.
Informed by this stance Charmaine and associates have integrated a wide range of approaches into their work including:
  • Systemic lens of decoloniality
  • Critical and liberation psychology
  • Ethics as critical practice stance
  • Systemics & Systemic Constellations, applied to individuals, groups and teams
  • Somatics and Leadership Embodiment
  • Compassion based approaches including Acceptance and Compassion Coaching
  • Positive Psychology

Core Principles

Values and purpose – we are all at our most fulfilled and effective when our work and system of values are aligned. Our values, moral compass and ethical framework is our touchstone in times of crisis, transition, growth, and change. However, values are not absolute and respect for alternative ways of seeing the world is essential for empathy and compassion.

Personal and social identity-While we are individual with our own sense of identity and needs, we are at heart, social beings who need strong social connections to thrive in work and in life. Wellbeing is at the heart of our ability to show up and be strong in service of others. We will take this systemic, relational view, on all aspects of our work together.

Coaching Process

The work is emergent rather than being narrowly goal focused, however we will always define what success will look like for every issue you raise and focus on making a difference.  Charmaine will add challenge. Enough to keep you growing and to affirm your strengths. There will be a strong emphasis on progress and impact. 

Charmaine works freely along the directive/non-directive continuum according to emerging needs.

Sessions are structured around the following process stages that emerge, in a spiral; each stage represented by the acronym EFFECT:

  • Exploration & Clarification- going beneath the surface
  • Focusing on and Defining/redefining- your desired future state
  • Forward momentum – moving from discussion to action via Rehearsal & improvisation
  • Elicitation – engaging in mutual Feedback and Review
  • Critical awareness and reflection –  surfacing hidden dynamics
  • Testimony – recognising impact, growth and change in the world beyond the coaching space

Charmaine applies a Social Justice lens to her work. This means that social inequalities, systemic injustice and inequalities of power and oppressive practices are accepted as part of the system that disproportionately affect some clients. Socio-economic inequalities, sexism, racism, homophobia and ableism are amongst the most pernicious social justice issues that may show up in coaching.

Tools & Assessments

  • A range of leadership development models are used for reflection and critical awareness raising
  • Psychometric tools – CAPP Strengths Profiler;  Bespoke Team Health Check
  • Licensed to use AoEC 360 Team Connect Tool
  • Ryff Psychological Wellbeing Scales
  • Bespoke 360-degree feedback questionnaires and interviews
  • A wide range of creativity tools including drawing, free writing, dramatisation, mapping and constellations


We  coach 1:1, groups and teams, privately and in organisations, non-profits and ethical businesses.

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Our service values

Evidence Based

Our work is underpinned by a coherent theoretical foundation and research-based practice. We keep abreast of current and emerging thinking and practice in the field of human and organisational development and integrate this into our work with clients where we feel it will help them toward meaningful solutions.

Intuitive and Creative
We understand people and the complexities of human systems. Sometimes we just need to listen and respond to what emerges. This is the value we add that cannot be easily quantified but which means we deliver what you need, when you need it in a way that works for you. Genuinely bespoke application.
High Professional Standards

Accredited by the Association for Coaching we abide by the global standard of ethics in coaching. We have an ICO certificate and take client confidentiality, privacy and data protection seriously.

Qualified, Accredited & Supervised
All our practitioners are suitably qualified, belong to their relevant professional association and are supervised in order to ensure on-going fitness to practice. Our lead coach is additionally, accredited as an executive coach by the Association for Coaching (AC).


Charmaine has equipped me with the tools to maintain the ethical and values-led professionalism that feels authentic to me and I return to these often when I have a situation or decision to wrangle with. I now feel liberated from those negative perceptions and confident to articulate myself and make decisions grounded in the core values.


I started my coaching journey with Charmaine at a time when I was looking to explore my longer term career options but gained so much more. Charmaine created a safe space where I felt comfortable and confident to share my vulnerabilities, aspirations and whole self. This led to transformational change for me personally and professionally. I achieved my longest term goal half way through our coaching, achieved positive financial gains, but most significantly learnt how to set boundaries for myself and others. There has also been humour, fun and shared reflections along the way.


Personable, clear, safe, comfortable environment to explore plans, wishes or desires and created a platform to discuss and gain clarity.

Educational Professional, Nottinghamshire

The quality of the coaching has been wonderful and has helped me to grow in so many ways. I instantly felt that I was able to build a strong and trusting relationship with Charmaine that helped me to realise my goal quickly, productively the coaching has unleashed a confidence from within I didn’t know I had.

Educational Professional, Nottinghamshire

Excellent quality coaching. The coach was both professional and friendly and ensured the session remained focused on my goals.

Educational Professional, Nottinghamshire

Charmaine offers something truly special. She is  incredibly talented, knowledgeable and respectful as a coach. She is easy to relate to and supportive yet committed to providing the required challenge to facilitate personal and team growth. Charmaine has  high standards of integrity and is open and transparent in the way she works.  


It has been incredibly useful to work with Charmaine during a time when the team has really had to take a look at their individual roles and responsibilities. The sessions that have been delivered allowed us to become stronger and have encouraged us to create and share our views on where to take the organisation next. We have been able to do this due to the sensitive and thought provoking activities and sessions and the safe, candid  environment that Charmaine created.  

A. Dhesi

“Charmaine is a truly exceptional coach.”

Jo Elderidge, Deputy Head, The Fernwood School, Nottingham.

“My coaching relationship with Charmaine has been both a revelation and life-changing.  Her effect on my life, both at work and at home, has been considerable and lasting. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Teacher, Fernwood School, Nottingham, March 2016
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