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My post this week shares a presentation written for and delivered to a women's group on Wednesday April 20, 2016, in Leicester. Hope you find it useful.

The frantic business leader of the title is me! The tips I have shared work for me. Setting up and running a business tests every fibre of my being. I have been practising mindfulness now for a year and leading others through the development of a Mindful practice since the start of this year. I do this through group coaching methods.

The benefits of Mindfulness are well documented and if you would like to try any of the meditations mentioned in the prezi the scripts are attached below and audio versions can be found by just Googling the titles of each of the meditations.

Three Meditations together: 3 Minute Breathing Meditation- this is a basic practice which once learned can be dropped into, anywhere, any time to ground you bringing focus and bringing balance. Walking Meditation-designed for the out doors; and the Eating Meditation.

Setting Intentions- I wrote this meditation for my Mindfulness Group, it is a gentle way of introducing goal setting into Mindfulness based sessions.

Sleeping Countdown Meditation.

If you are interested in developing your own practice in the context of a confidential and supportive group, get in touch.

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