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Yes, by all accounts March is the month of the Mad March Hare; waking up from hibernation to the first signs of spring, it coverts around in the throes of procreative energy. I can go with that.

Following on from a successful launch event on February 24th I am well set to see my business grow and multiply. So bring on that procreative energy.

Launch Guest Showcase

During the launch event some of my guests took up the offer of a video shoot and the results will be released on a weekly schedule by Nic Mason, our social media specialist. The first video was launched on my Facebook page you can visit to watch the video here and like the page please. The video is also featured on the gallery page of my website. You can watch the video and share it here.

April Mindfulness Group Coaching Workshop Series

The benefits of Mindfulness are being increasingly marketed. Some people think it’s a fad; those of us who are developing a practice know that it works if approached with authenticity and care. I first began to be drawn to it by the need to manage the responses I had developed to things I could not change which affected the way I wanted people to perceive me.

For example; I was brought up never to be late especially not for work. As a coach and consultant one spends a lot of time in the road. Every traffic jam, small delay, unexpected event would through me into a panic at the fear of being late.

My heart would race, I would get flustered, angry even. Even when the fear failed to materialise into reality I would arrive at my appointment unfit to provide the full attention and focus on my client that makes me a good coach.

Mindfulness teaches us to control these automatic responses driven by irrational fears. We accept that they are just thoughts, not facts, and let them go. In this letting go we remain calm. Now when I am in a traffic jam I remain in control of my emotions and arrive, on time or late, fit to do at least a good job and more that often, a very good job.

So if you are interested in what mindfulness can do for you, use this voucher to join the next series of workshops which begins on Tuesday 12th April-7.30-9.00pm. Book here!

If you think you know a group who would like me to run a series for them nearer to where you live, then get in touch. I can run it for you privately or in your workplace if you think your employer would be interested in providing this service for you at work.