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The effects ripple out into our lives.

We have now had three sessions of mindfulness at the centre, each session ends with assignment of homework and this combination of tasks to do at home and the commitment of the group to follow through is having amazing effects. But what pleases me most is not just the impact of the practice on my group but the ripple effects out into their lives.

The first thing I noticed this week was the demeanour as people arrived into the room. Geoff, not his real name, has been having a tough time and work, it’s a fact highlighted by the health and safety executive that public sector workers suffer the most from stress due to the constant pressure of change and reorganisation. Geoff’s first appearance in the group was a dramatic demonstration of that. He carried all that stress in his walk, in his posture, in his body language.

This week there has been a transformation. The situation at work has not changed but his attitude to it has. His step is lighter, he looks you directly in the eye when talking, is relaxed enough to pull his legs upon onto the chair during reflective discussion. He talked particularly about the effect of the mindful eating and the three-minute mindful listening exercise and its impact on his relationship with his wife. Last week because he was paying more attention he not only noticed how beautiful his wife is, but told her so!

The home work for last week was to spend time each day counting up to ten things in your life that you can be grateful for. Here are three statements written by participants have to say:

“This actually draws my attention to the little things that enrich my life, making me appreciate the many things that I do have to be thankful for.”

“It brought my focus to how important the small things in life are, and how I have in the past taken these for granted, and that appreciating these makes me feel safe and secure.”

“I’m starting to realize that there is so much beauty in the world, and if you allow your busy lifestyle to take over, you miss the special/more important things in life. After 3 sessions I’m looking at people when they talk to me!”

We have only one more session of the introductory series and by popular demand I have decided to extend the life of this group. We will have a further two sessions before taking a break for the half term, we will then return with a full programme in April.

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