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Sardinia is not just an island of crystalline seas and white sandy beaches- I love the rush of adrenaline you get driving through the mountainous spine that traverses the island. You see a moody, turbulent and sinuous side to the island and its people when you move away from the beach resorts.

My summer holiday period has been a bit shortened this year. Working for yourself does that! No more the 5/6 week holiday I enjoyed as a teacher. 4 days at the Edinburgh fringe followed by four days back at work and now looking forward to 10 days in Sardinia. My four days at the Edinburgh fringe festival (food for the mind and spirit but not rest for the body) has furnished the reading that will accompany me while away in Sardinia for ten days and hopefully provide much material for social media posts on my return!

Here is the list:


‘Public Library' by Ali Smith – heard her speak at the festival about a new novel just about to be published- Autumn, looking forward to that too.

‘The lesser Bohemians’ by Emir McBride – author of The Girl is an unformed Thing (Brilliant and unique)

‘Flow my tears, the policeman’ said by Phillip K Dick - decided to read him after watching season one of The King in the High castle on Amazon Prime which was based on his writing.


‘The Rings of Saturn’ by WG Sebald

‘This is happening- redesigning mindfulness for our very modern lives’ by Rohan Guntillake

‘The voices within, the history and science of how we talk to ourselves’ by Charles Fernyhough

Let me know what you have read or are reading- Love to share and sharing inspires.

See you again after 29th August.