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Long hour’s culture cancels out annual leave entitlement!
This week the Chartered Management Institute issued their 2016 Quality of working life report, based on research conducted with 1,574 private sector managers.

The resulting data confirms much of what is being lived daily by leaders, managers and employees across all sectors of the economy and most intensely within the public sector (see blog post 3/12/15).

The Executive Summary is an interesting, in summary they conclude that “The new normal” has become “longer hours, digital presenteeism and stress”. Further that “change risks undermining rising job satisfaction” and “change is the norm but is failing to deliver benefits”.

I am sure that there is not a school Leader, manager or teacher in the land who would disagree with any of these as an accurate description of the current reality facing their organisations in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous policy landscape.

In June I will be organising a seminar for school leaders to look at how this report and its recommendations might inform the development of school cultures that systematise the proven link between improved wellbeing at work, increased productivity and job satisfaction.

If school led improvement is not to implode under the steady intensification of the retention and recruitment crisis developing within the system we need serious action, now.

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Hopefully all of you will be downing tools and having a real rest over the Easter break!

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