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Education Consultants Fledging Business Development Coaching & Mentoring.

Setting yourself up in business within the education sector?

This programme is offered in partnership between LifeFlowBalance Coaching and Consulting and the Society for Education Consultants. We aim to run two cohorts a year. This programme is for you if you are preparing or have made a hesitant beginning to setting yourself up in business as a Sole Trader or Limited Company offering services to the education sector.

This comes at a massive discount compared to one to one coaching. Six sessions would normally cost you £900 for 6 hours of coaching.

Your course guide, coach and mentors are all accredited members of SEC who are successful in their field, wanting to give something back by way of supporting new service providers to thrive in a complex and changing marketplace. 

This is a non-profit endeavour, the invest you make covers the costs of LifeFlowBalance and SEC, anything made by SEC is reinvested into SEC member services.

  • Six 75-minute sessions over six months
  • Sessions conducted online in groups of between 3-4 participants
  • Free Follow-up mentoring by a registered SEC member

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Accredited Members

Pay your investment of £360 in 6 monthly installments of £60 using GoCardless

Standard Members

Pay your investment of £390 in 6 monthly installments of £65 using GoCardless


Pay your investment of £450 in 6 monthly installments of £75


Mal Krishnasamy of MalCPD

  • Three sessions of coaching with Charmaine have me to develop my mindset from that of a teacher and trainer of teachers to that of a business woman. She helped me to align my values as a teacher and leader with my brand and service values. I have also made a shift in my approach to goal setting; Instead of leading myself with an impossible to do list and achievable timescales I have learned to step back take a breath and realise that I am in control. There is no one standing behind me with a whip! The work-life balance I hoped to achieve by stepping out of teaching into condultancy is within my grasp. I am already beginning to live the dream.
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