Speak Up Speak Out

Podcast Launch April 2020

Speak Up. Speak Out.
The Ethics Matter Podcast

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Speak Up Speak Out

Message from Charmaine 

Everywhere in my work I give witness to the pain caused by the ways in which politics and economics distort our humanity. Does it frustrate you just how hard it is sometimes to do the right thing?

Ethical stress is experienced when we feel unable to do the right thing because the structures we live within require behaviour we feel is wrong. It is a positive form of stress because it offers  the choice to do what’s right over what’s expected.

This podcast has been inspired by the work I do as a coach to help people navigate these conflicts. Each episode we will hear from someone who has a personal story of struggle with ethical stress  to tell.

Launch date: April 2020.

Speak Up Speak Out is a place to talk openly, raise awareness and facilitate change: join us.