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Speak Up. Speak Out.
The Ethics Matter Podcast

Season One

Where people meet to have fearless conversations about the things that matter.

Hosted by Charmaine Roche


George Floyd Special Edition
Episode #6

This special edition has been commissioned to add our voices to the outrage, despair, pain and exhaustion being expressed in the global outcry against the brutal killing of George Floyd. Four black women, two of them my daughters, join me to process our reactions in the aftermath of the brutal and brutalising killing of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. Listen into this intimate space of anger, grief, and commitment to work for change. A call of action, acknowledgement and healing.
This conversation is in 5 parts. Listen to segments or all in one go. It’s a heady ride.

Guest Info:  Martha Da Costa Sherwood, Transformational Coach and Director. Dr Ayesha Roche, Clinical Psychologist, NHS and Lecturer in Psychology, Nottingham Trent University. Cara Thompson,  Black Creative ,Writer, Public Speaker, Diversity and Inclusion Champion. Nicole Roche, MEd Educational Leadership, English Teacher, Senior Leader.

Speaking up: A fundamental expression of our humanity
Season One Episode #5

Charmaine Roche is an experienced consultant and executive coach building on an extensive career as a leader in the education sector. She is Director of LifeFlowBalance Coaching and Consulting Ltd, an organisation deeply committed to helping individuals and organisations flourish. She started her podcast in order to create a space to discuss the ethical dimensions of coaching and living in a complex world of churn and uncertainty. She believes that in ethics we can find an anchor.

The ethics of a climate conscious coach.
Season One Episode #4

Zoe Cohen talks about the formative impact of her parents on her formation as a climate conscious coach. This episode has it all. Opening with an ill chosen metaphor we sail on through laughter, tears, and honest reflections to a place of steadfast commitment.

Guest Info: As a highly experienced board-level director, and Master Coach, Zoe Cohen increasingly combines her two greatest passions: safeguarding the future of our one, shared planetary home; with enabling and encouraging people to shine and to take action.

Jane Fenton speaks up about ethical stress and social justice.
Season One Episode #3

Dr Jane Fenton speaks passionately about her journey from criminal justice social worker to university Dr of Philosophy working at Dundee university. Throughout her career she has been guided by a strong ethical framework forged in a politically conscious working class community. The cutting edge of her concern for the millennial generation of social workers who may have lost this link to the concept of social justice burns through our conversation.

Guest Bio: Dr Jane Fenton works at the University of Dundee. A researcher, she has a background in Criminal Justice Social Work. Her work on ‘ethical stress’ has been an inspiration in my own research area and I look forward to digging deeper into her understanding of how the dominance of neoliberal ideology and ‘managerialism’ affects professional conduct today.

Episode Links: Link to research papers

Viv Grant speak up about values dissonance and leadership. Season One Episode #2

Viv Grant gets deep and emotional in this conversation. Her discourse reveals her to be in the tradition of the soul guide coach, feeling into the dissonance at the heart of headteacher’s struggles to align heart with role in a turbulent world.

Guest Bio: Viv Grant an Executive Coach and ex-headteacher works extensively with Heads and senior leaders in the education sector. She is passionate about supporting the emotional and psychological needs of school leaders whose sense of purpose, values and vocation is often at odds with the system they serve. 

Coaching is apolitical.
Season One Episode #1

Martin Vogel’s  recent article ‘Coaching is Political’ published in Coaching Perspectives is a call to arms for the coaching profession. We discuss his contention that coaching may be colluding with unethical practices in the workplace.  

Guest Bio : Martin Vogel, a Leadership Coach and Coach Supervisor, is also co-founder of VogelWakefield the Counter Consultancy. He helps senior executives and emerging leaders navigate complex challenges and he creates reflective space for coaches. Martin has a long interest in working with people leading creative teams and mostly works with leaders in the media, higher education and the cultural sector.

Episode Links: Martin’s Blog