The 7 Habits of Hope Based Self-Leadership. Habit No. 2

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The 7 Habits of Hope Based Self-Leadership. Habit No. 2

This is the second of a series of 7  posts.

Self-leadership challenge

7 Habits of Hope Based Self-Leadership. Where does my vision or sense of purpose feel least certain? What is the ‘song’ that keeps me on my path?

Each of us, in our own way, is, ‘a thing with feathers’ when we show the determined perseverance not to abandon our ‘song’ which the bird shows by instinct. This wordless song is a statement of our existence, a call to others of our kind, a rallying call. Dickinson’s poem also alludes to a sense that the bird’s song is hopeful because, whatever the circumstances, rain or fall, snow or hail, that song persists. So, for me, it celebrates the reality that while we may have our sights fixed on a particular goal. We may not have certainty about how it will be attained, our only certainty is that we will not give up.


My challenge at the moment is the feeling of personal exhaustion that lies behind that truth. For me, since the new year, being out of my comfort zone almost all the time professionally is beginning to tell on me. Leaving my vocation of 29 years as a teacher and senior leader was an enormous step. I had a bereavement, I lost a tribe and my one true self as a professional.

My dream now is to become a leader in my new field of development coaching. I am a toddler in that respect; feeling my growing strength, rushing at bright new enthralling ideas and approaches in the pursuit of developing my own distinct approach. But just like a toddler, after a burst of frantic sensation driven activity my energy suddenly crashes. My first year went well in this transition into a business woman, the second year has started with this drain of energy.

Therefore my inspiration right now is this bird that continues to sing its wordless song. I don’t know what this year will bring; I do know that my energy will return, I do know that I will persevere in the search for the one true self I can create through my new professional activity within a new tribe. So I will sing, hopefully, on!

What song will keep me on my path?

My song is made up of the two mantras:

“to lead others effectively, one must 1st learn to lead oneself”

“to lead change well, one must first be open to change in oneself”

The actions through which I am embodying my mantra:

  • This year I have a defined plan, rather than an intuitive groping around, the plan will take my intuitive groping to a higher level: that is my hope.
  • I will focus on developing a tribe to which I contribute and from which I draw strength; this is already underway.
  • Find more time to be in my comfort zone, leading with realised strengths (things I do often and well and find energising as well as growing into my unrealised strengths (things I do well and find energising but in the past have not practised frequently, or done at all).

I would love to read your own reflections on this ‘7 Habits of Hope Based Self-Leadership Challenge’.

Where does your vision or sense of purpose feel least certain? What is the ‘song’ that keeps you on the path?