The Disruptive Power of Hope. #LeaderShipHacks #GE2017 Reflection

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The Disruptive Power of HOPE

I do not normally write about politics, but the events of the last 7 or so days demand comment. Nothing has recently exemplified the essence of a ‘determined perseverance’ in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Better than the performance of Jeremy Corbyn, during #GE2017.
Preceding this he’d had to hang on to leadership while members of the parliamentary party tried to oust him our refused to work with him fearing that his ‘old fashioned’ socialist policies would mean the end of their careers. What then appeared to be arrogance can now be seen as the exercise of patience based on sound assessment of the possibilities and a principled belief in a cause. That the tide was turning in favour of hope based politics, even if some of us were unable to see it.

He has done this with visible dignity and calm. What has fascinated me throughout the period since he was elected to lead the party is the gap between the vilification he has received from the right-wing press and some in his own party, and the respect and popularity he has generated amongst those who voted for him – three times- to be labour party leader and this was before the seismic events of the general election results still playing themselves out as I write. I was by no means a fan, but having met him, I withheld judgement. Waiting for time to tell. And it has not only told, it has roared.

Hope Not Hate!

Following the election of Trump, and the vote for Brexit. I nailed my flag firmly to the mast of hope with the blog series, The Habits of Hope Based (Self) Leadership #HopeinAction2017, from which the above quote is taken. So did the Hope not Hate Campaign that helped to create this disruptive result by developing a sophisticated strategy for engaging with people. Speaking directly to the fears of different sectors of society. Inclusive, empathetic and diverse messages were crafted and communicated, under the radar of the certain, the confident, the complacent. Those who seized the opportunity presented by uncertainty turned the tide in their favour.

” Hope combined with intelligent action is a disruptive force and opens the way for change and innovation.”

Leadership Lessons from #GE2017

  • Dream big and keep your feet grounded in the realities of what it means to fight for change, it’s not easy and never proceeds in a straight line.
  • Embrace uncertainty, work with the possibilities it opens up for dialogue and engagement with the forces over which you have influence and or control.
  • When you have a strong and compelling message in which you believe and which offers hope to others, do not be afraid to speak out, even if you are a lone voice at first, the tide will turn.
  • Be the leader you are looking for, don’t wait for a hero to arise. Believe that you can make a difference, and act accordingly. Tell stories of empowerment, make clear your values and sense of purpose; resist the urge to peddle fear and abusive criticism.
  • Lead yourself with integrity and authenticity.
  • Capture all of this in a mantra that becomes a battle cry- Hope Not Hate! The #GE2017 song of hope.