Supervision as Critically reflective Practice

Coaching  Supervision  for coaches,  supervisors and other helping professionals, leaders  from all sectors, including education, and social change activists.

Nurturing change makers and purpose driven professionals  seeking to influence and shape the future.

Social Justice Ecosystemic Supervision as Critically Reflective Practice

Charmaine provides a safe and challenging container for embodied critical reflection.  The element of embodiment is essential given that we are so intimately entangled with the systems we are trying to change that intellect and consciousness alone are not sufficient to surface the aspects of life and being that require attention.

Coaching, mentoring, and Leadership  are being called upon to evolve in order to help us meet the urgent human, more than human and non-human  ecosystemic needs that have reached or exceeded their tipping point.

The global pandemic has cast a cold white light onto the systemic inequalities and injustices blighting and undermining the well-being of our young, our communities, our family life, relationships, and workplaces. Human well-being has never been more closely connected to the ways in which we are being led and governed, the ways in which we are misusing our place in the eco-system. As old certainties disintegrate and uncertainty, volatility and turbulent change become our new normal, what ideas, approaches, ways of being, collaborating, making meaning, and living and working with purpose do we need?

What role can coaches, mentors and leaders working across the caring professionals, in education, business, communities, charities, non-profits or our social services, play in shaping the future and building a legacy for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

What vision, ideas, strategies, and approaches do we need to guide our actions and support our own wellbeing and creativity while we work in service of others?

What are we being called to serve and how best do we do this while keeping ourselves our teams, organisations, and relationships healthy?

Charmaine is offering a supervision service to coaches, mentors and leaders who feel these questions bubbling up in their hearts, bodies and minds. 

One to one Supervision

You will join a nurturing, strengthening and reflexive partnership with Charmaine. Her supervision practice centres on helping you align your vision and values as a coach, leader or activist with the challenges of the work you do in a world that is turbulent, uncertain and ethically complex. Book your free consultation here by clicking the icon above.

Group Supervision

You will join a group of between six to eight coaches, or leaders in a reflective practice group that explores the work you do from a social change perspective. At the heart of our work together will be the question how does the work we do align with our sense of purpose and the pressing social questions impacting our client work. Book your free consultation here by clicking the icon above.

Supervision Testimonials

Supervision with Charmaine has helped ground my process and myself as a coach... I'm most proud of how it's helped me support coachees from a BAME background in the NHS navigate the very challenging situations that they find themselves in. I am more able to distance myself and take a wider, more holistic view with some of these coachees who are in the thick of it, and find it very difficult to get perspective. I have felt more centred in the conversations I've had which has better enabled me to support them through some very tough situations. Our sessions have also been a space for me to question and interrogate my practice and how I want to show up in it.
Freelance Coach
Supervision with Charmaine has provided me with a reflective space where I can unpack everything and show my vulnerability. Showing my vulnerability is something that I consciously have to work at and I feel that my coaching supervision is a safe, non judgemental space for that. I have become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. I feel an increase in confidence. I think I have a tendency to overthink my role / actions, etc. and I am able to come away from our sessions with more balance....we have excellent rapport, we can smile or laugh, a calm, thoughtful & non-judgemental approach. I thoroughly enjoy and respect Charmaine's observations, probes, challenges and encouraging support.
Freelance NLP Master Coach


Fee Structure until April 2024

1:1 Supervision

The most impactful outcomes from supervision come from a regular and sustained relationship with your supervisor. Our fee structure reflects this. 

New to the profession and not yet doing many coaching hours? Book a call to discuss a discounted rate.

  • Monthly supervision attracts an investment of £179 per session (experienced self-funded coaches with an established practice) £200 ( for experienced  supervisors), rates begin at £250 for organisations. Session length, 60  minutes.
  • If you are new to coaching and do not yet have an established practice we can discuss a sliding scale that increases  with your practice.
  • Six weekly sessions attract an investment of £189 per session (experienced self-funded coaches with an established practice), 2oo (for supervisors). 
  • Adhoc sessions with no commitment to regularity attract an investment of £250.
  • Book a free consultation to explore whether we could be a good partnership
  • Book a free consultation in advance of registering interest and signing up.

Group Supervision 

Group supervision is a powerful form of collaborative learning and inquiry which can be provided for in-house coaches in organisations. We also provide groups that individual independent coaches can join for a programme of fixed sessions. Look out for promotional posts on LinkedIn or Twitter. You can follow Charmaine on both platforms or join our mailing list, or book a consultation using the link below.

  • Our 2024 Group is fully subscribed.
  • In house group supervision for internal coaching pools start at £900 for  a two hour session with 6-8 participants


Charmaine has equipped me with the tools to maintain the ethical and values-led professionalism that feels authentic to me and I return to these often when I have a situation or decision to wrangle with. I now feel liberated from those negative perceptions and confident to articulate myself and make decisions grounded in the core…


I started my coaching journey with Charmaine at a time when I was looking to explore my longer term career options but gained so much more. Charmaine created a safe space where I felt comfortable and confident to share my vulnerabilities, aspirations and whole self. This led to transformational change for me personally and professionally.…


Personable, clear, safe, comfortable environment to explore plans, wishes or desires and created a platform to discuss and gain clarity.

Educational Professional, Nottinghamshire

The quality of the coaching has been wonderful and has helped me to grow in so many ways. I instantly felt that I was able to build a strong and trusting relationship with Charmaine that helped me to realise my goal quickly, productively the coaching has unleashed a confidence from within I didn’t know I…

Educational Professional, Nottinghamshire

Excellent quality coaching. The coach was both professional and friendly and ensured the session remained focused on my goals.

Educational Professional, Nottinghamshire

Charmaine offers something truly special. She is  incredibly talented, knowledgeable and respectful as a coach. She is easy to relate to and supportive yet committed to providing the required challenge to facilitate personal and team growth. Charmaine has  high standards of integrity and is open and transparent in the way she works.  


It has been incredibly useful to work with Charmaine during a time when the team has really had to take a look at their individual roles and responsibilities. The sessions that have been delivered allowed us to become stronger and have encouraged us to create and share our views on where to take the organisation…

A. Dhesi

“Charmaine is a truly exceptional coach.”

Jo Elderidge, Deputy Head, The Fernwood School, Nottingham.

“My coaching relationship with Charmaine has been both a revelation and life-changing.  Her effect on my life, both at work and at home, has been considerable and lasting. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Teacher, Fernwood School, Nottingham, March 2016

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